Kurt Johnsen’s Fork Challenge | Slowing Down for a Healthy Body

This article was written as a apart of my APY60 Program…
Go ahead, give it a read, then give it a shot and challenge yourself today!

The Fork Challenge!
fork Kurt Johnsens Fork Challenge | Slowing Down for a Healthy BodyYou have seen them, you might be one, and I know I have been. I am speaking about all the folks hunkered over their food shoveling it down as if someone was trying to take it away. Not only is it unsightly, it is also unhealthy.

Our digestive system starts in our mouth not our stomach as you may think. There are actually enzymes in our mouths that begin to break down the food and prepare it for digestion. Before that our teeth our designed to create surface space in order for our stomachs to work efficiently. The problem often is in the fast-paced fast-food world we find ourselves in, many including myself wolf down our meals and snacks more like a gull, simply cocking our heads back and swallowing what is in front of us.

Besides taxing our digestive systems speed eating usually leads to overeating because the body can’t keep up with the massive intake and the reports of our hunger being satiated get to our brains far after the fact. From a yogic stand point scarfing down food takes away awareness of the elements of the food like taste, colors and smell as well as some of the energy we can derive from it like appreciation.

So my challenge is simple and effective. (I often find those two go hand in hand) For the next week simply set down your eating utensil between bites. If you are eating with your hands ie sandwich set it down as well. Even if only for a few seconds this practice will slow you down and bring an increased awareness. You will eat more efficiently, you will enjoy your food more, you will find yourself more energized after each meal and you might find you enjoy the company you keep during meals.

Try it, it works!

Bon appetit~ Kurt